Street Life in Lagos, Nigeria

I had only one opportunity to take some street photos during my business trip to Lagos, Nigeria, so I had to catch it! We travelled from the Ikeja district to the Ikorodu district. Luckily I was sitting on the right rear side of the car, and the window was clean! Sometime the car slowed down, which gave me the few seconds to take a picture. And…often we were close to the people walking on the streets. If I had opened my window, I could have touched the child in the yellow Tuk-Tuk!

Later during that May day in 2022, in the evening, we went to one of the many churches in
Lagos. On the way back, in the dark, I saw streets full of passers-by, shops
open…and then I saw that man preparing the food!

I loved the colours of the clothing, but I saw also much poverty. It made me realise how rich I am compared with so many. The pictures you’ll see is only one very small portrait of the city with its 20 million inhabitants. There’s much more to see, to show, to smell and to enjoy…but I was glad with this opportunity! Thank you, Babatunde, to take me to the Ikorodu factory!