Marriage Counseling

A few years ago I had the privilege to marry an Albanian couple. As a wedding gift I wanted to give them a good guide about marriage. There are many books written about marriage, but many so much text! I wanted something practical, something to help couples talk about their marriage, instead of reading about marriages!

Photo by Sarah Kaci
Couple on beach, by Sarah Kaci

I found a very nice, practical guide, written by Gene Rogers. Some Albanian friends helped me to translate it, and since then it is available. But I also want to make it available for the English readers. The English version is a scan in two parts, not very high quality, but still very helpful if you want to talk with your partner about your marriage.

A good marriage is such a privilege, it’s a precious stone, it’s like a beautiful painting, that we should care for and maintain in top condition!

You can download the English version here as ZIP file.

You can download the Albanian version here as PDF:

You can read the PPT of the sermon on Marriage Advices here:

Be blessed and be a blessing,