Sunflower feelings

A sunflower reminds me of a person: it’s like a head with hairs moved by the wind. Or take the sunflower below: she seems a bit lonely, far away from the other ones. She’s surrounded by others, but still alone. That’s how life feels sometimes! But what about this one: this sunflowers spreads her leaves like arms, saying: “Here I am, I love you, I look to you!” She’s like an open person, she looks you right in your eyes! This one is the one that gives life, a place where bees and other insects love to be. She is

Wonderful World of an Ant

After a long day learning about WordPress, I wanted to make my first blog with a beautiful picture. I took my camera and walked into the woods nearby. There I saw this Digitalis. But what made it so special were the ants, climbing up and down to get some food from the flower. Imagine that you and I have to climb 200 floors of an appartment block to get our food. Up-and-down, all the time! But these little creatures of God do it. What a wonderful world!