Ootmarsum 2021 Holiday

Ootmarsum is situated in the east of The Netherlands, near the German border. Near to Ootmarsum is beatutiful nature, called “Bij de Bronnen” (“Near the Wells”) because of the water that wells up from the ground. We spent our holidays in this area, and we loved it. The light shone through the trees, a joy to see and pleasure for the heart! Close to our holiday house were a four horses: two adults and two young. Especially in the evenings, the young horses were running around like little children. It was fun to see them. The above photo is on

Indonesia, Semarang Salatiga, 2018

For a short business trip I visited Salatiga in Indonesia. Our host picked us up in Semarang and took us into the hills to a restaurant where they roasted fresh coffee beans. One morning I walked from the hotel into the neighborhood where parents brought their children to school on their motorbikes. Nice to see!Discover a small part of Java, Indonesia.