Street life in Lagos, Nigeria

I had only one opportunity to take some street photos during my business trip to Lagos, Nigeria, so I had to catch it! We travelled from the Ikeja district to the Ikorodu district. Luckily I was sitting on the right rear side of the car, and the window was clean! Sometime the car slowed down, which gave me the few seconds to take a picture. And…often we were close to the people walking on the streets. If I had opened my window, I could have touched the child in the yellow Tuk-Tuk! Later during that May day in 2022, in

India photos, 2019

India Puducherry 2019 India is so colorful, as a photographer you can really enjoy yourself there! In the few free hours during a short business trip, my colleague had the patience whenever I wanted to take another photo. Thank you!Hope you will enjoy the colors as well!

America, Delhi, 2018

My second time in America! What an experience to drive in a rental car over the huge bridge over the Hudson River, then straight through New York. But these pictures are about a small town, Delhi, where one of the factories of the beautiful company where I now work is located.Enjoy America!

Indonesia, Semarang Salatiga, 2018

For a short business trip I visited Salatiga in Indonesia. Our host picked us up in Semarang and took us into the hills to a restaurant where they roasted fresh coffee beans. One morning I walked from the hotel into the neighborhood where parents brought their children to school on their motorbikes. Nice to see!Discover a small part of Java, Indonesia.