Wonderful World of an Ant

After a long day learning about WordPress, I wanted to make my first blog with a beautiful picture. I took my camera and walked into the woods nearby. There I saw this Digitalis. But what made it so special were the ants, climbing up and down to get some food from the flower. Imagine that you and I have to climb 200 floors of an appartment block to get our food. Up-and-down, all the time! But these little creatures of God do it. What a wonderful world!

India photos, 2019

India Puducherry 2019 India is so colorful, as a photographer you can really enjoy yourself there! In the few free hours during a short business trip, my colleague had the patience whenever I wanted to take another photo. Thank you!Hope you will enjoy the colors as well!

America, Delhi, 2018

My second time in America! What an experience to drive in a rental car over the huge bridge over the Hudson River, then straight through New York. But these pictures are about a small town, Delhi, where one of the factories of the beautiful company where I now work is located.Enjoy America!

Indonesia, Semarang Salatiga, 2018

For a short business trip I visited Salatiga in Indonesia. Our host picked us up in Semarang and took us into the hills to a restaurant where they roasted fresh coffee beans. One morning I walked from the hotel into the neighborhood where parents brought their children to school on their motorbikes. Nice to see!Discover a small part of Java, Indonesia.