Road-trip through Pakistan

{Voor Nederlands, klik hier} {Për Shqip, kliko këtu} In 2023 I had the privilege to travel to Pakistan for a business trip. I landed in the south, in Karachi, where I had a stay of a few hours. Then I flew to Sukkur, a bit more to the north, to visit the first factory. Halfway my trip, we drove 600 km to the north, to Sahiwal, to the second factory. To reach Lahore airport, we drove another 200 km to the north. For security reasons, I was not allowed to walk in public area. So, most photos are taken while

Our whishes for you for the new year 2023

{Voor Nederlands, klik hier} {Për Shqip, kliko këtu} “So they [the shepherds) hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them.” (NIV, Luc.2:16-18) The Rijksmuseum Twenthe currently has a beautiful medieval wood carving of the stable containing Jesus and his parents, made by Tilman van den Burch in ca. 1470. Maria’s face touches me deeply: she seems so happy! So satisfied.

Black & White photos of De Borkeld

(Click for Shqip) (Klik voor Nederlands) “De Borkeld” is an area not far from our house – about a quarter of an hour by bicycle. It has plain fields, some water area and old trees. It’s a little bit sloped. I often come there for recreation (walking, kick-biking). It’s a loved area for a stroll, for young and old.  I deciced to take some pictures in black & white (BW). In BW photography the focus is more on shapes, contrast, then on colours.  When I left home, I hoped to take some close-ups of the ‘wild’ cows in that area.

Sunflower feelings

A sunflower reminds me of a person: it’s like a head with hairs moved by the wind. Or take the sunflower below: she seems a bit lonely, far away from the other ones. She’s surrounded by others, but still alone. That’s how life feels sometimes! But what about this one: this sunflowers spreads her leaves like arms, saying: “Here I am, I love you, I look to you!” She’s like an open person, she looks you right in your eyes! This one is the one that gives life, a place where bees and other insects love to be. She is

Street life in Lagos, Nigeria

I had only one opportunity to take some street photos during my business trip to Lagos, Nigeria, so I had to catch it! We travelled from the Ikeja district to the Ikorodu district. Luckily I was sitting on the right rear side of the car, and the window was clean! Sometime the car slowed down, which gave me the few seconds to take a picture. And…often we were close to the people walking on the streets. If I had opened my window, I could have touched the child in the yellow Tuk-Tuk! Later during that May day in 2022, in

Early morning bird

(Click for Shqip) (Klik voor Nederlands) Almost every workday I start with a walk through our neighbourhood, before I read my Bible, have breakfast and start my working day. Walking helps me to focus on God. Especially these last months, when it was still dark outside and I could see the stars, I was impressed with the greatness of God. I like particular one street. It’s an old street, narrow, with old houses. It’s different from the rest of the neighbourhood, which has houses built later. One morning, when I walked through that street, I saw this scene, and I

Calendar Photos 2022

Each year I make a large calendar (format A2) which is used for writing notes and events. I fill the calendar with pictures from the previous year (in this case 2021). So, during 2022 I will be remembered of special moment in 2021: a beautiful summer holiday in Ootmarsum, Overijssel, The Netherlands bird watching with a good friend on the island Texel, The Netherlands a kick-bike race with the mission organisation ECM a winter with real snow! I’m grateful towards God for all these special moments! See the calendar photos here: Photos Calendar 2022

Ootmarsum 2021 Holiday

Ootmarsum is situated in the east of The Netherlands, near the German border. Near to Ootmarsum is beatutiful nature, called “Bij de Bronnen” (“Near the Wells”) because of the water that wells up from the ground. We spent our holidays in this area, and we loved it. The light shone through the trees, a joy to see and pleasure for the heart! Close to our holiday house were a four horses: two adults and two young. Especially in the evenings, the young horses were running around like little children. It was fun to see them. The above photo is on