NEW! One person, many portraits!

"Photography is playing with light" said the shopkeeper when he sold me my Nikon D90. Indeed, discoving the big influence of light is one of the many funs of photography. How light influences portrait photo's you'll see in the next pictures. These photos are portraits my self and of precious friends.
See here the portraits.

PYANO is the website of Paul van Norden. I am a hobby-photographer and freelance speaker.

In PYANO I like to show you my best pictures, and hopefully in the future my best sermons as well!

My favorite photographers are Henri Cartier Bresson, Eva Besnyö, Vivian Maier, Ed van der Elsken, and many others! Taking photos of people is one of my main themes. I think because of the unexpected moments, the 'impromptus', the candid-like approach. Precious moments that never come back, just taken at the right moment. "The Decisive Moment" as Henri Cartier Bresson called it. That's the challenge before me!

In 2008 a workshop about photography by Gijs Dijkgraaf gave me a great boost. Thanks, Gijs!

My faith is very important for me. Jesus has influenced my life greatly, and He still does so every day! I hope to tell you more about that!

Hope you enjoy yourself at my website!

Paul van Norden

P.s.: do you know the book "A Camera, Two Kids, And A Camel: My Journey In Photographs" by National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths Belt. The stories behind her breathtaking pictures made me smile and thinking: "I wished I could take these pictures!"

P.p.s: I also read "A heart of Compassion" by Philip Clarke. It has amazing stories about people and the compassion of God. I really can recommend this book.